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Raising a family is harder and more expensive than ever.

Let's make housing, child care, and education affordable for everyone.

What is the driver of today's inflation? Housing and Energy. Both have restricted supply and demand remains high.

When a median income household can not afford a median priced home, the imbalance will lead to multi-generational exclusion from home ownership. Such is the case in Utah and has been since 2014. The legislature continues to cater to real estate investors and developers.

  • Make housing available for those at the lowest income levels by providing rental assistance to families facing eviction.

  • Provide incentives to construct more housing of all shapes and sizes, broadly driving down rents through oversupply. This includes making available loans to help developers build smaller homes and refurbish apartments.

  • Encourage cities to develop housing next to major transit lines.

  • Charge investors who flip houses for profit a surcharge when they have not owned the property for a minimum 2-years.

  • Providing Income Tax Credits for Workers and their families complimenting federal tax credits.

State Earned Income Tax Credit, for those who receive the federal earned income credit.

Child Tax Credit, phased out for higher income taxpayers.

Daycare Credit, helping offset the cost of day care paid for middle class and low income residents.

Provide First-Time Homebuyer credits.

  • Ensure Higher Education is affordable including reviewing how an individual’s ability to pay for post-secondary education is determined and encouraging high school graduates to attend college by providing assistance when grants and scholarships fall short.

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