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Daniel McCay


  •  Attorney

  •  Real Estate Portfolio Manager

Some campaign contributors

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  • Petroleum

    • ​Utah Petroleum Marketers 

  • Real Estate

    • ​Home Builders Association of Utah

    • Utah Association of Realtors    

  • Law Firms 

    • Craig Swapp & Assoc.

    • Siegfried & Jensen

    • Robert J. Debry & Assoc.

    • Parsons Behle & Latimer

    • Holland & Hart LLP

    • Driggs, Bills & Day


See How Senator McCay Scored…


  •  Upcoming in 2023:

    • Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution -- Rights Relating to Abortion

    • Gestational Agreement Amendments

  • SB 174: Utah's Trigger Ban on Abortion. (2022) Voted Yes. Bill Sponsor. The ACLU Utah filed a lawsuit on behalf of Planned Parenthood challenging SB174, which took effect shortly after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, arguing that the law violated rights to bodily integrity and privacy recognized by Utah's constitution.   The law could mean criminal charges for women who end their own pregnancies if it goes into effect.

  • HB 11: Prohibits transgender girls from participating in school sports activities. (2022) Voted Yes. Gov. Spencer Cox vetoed H.B. 11. Sen. McCay introduced the substitute version passed by the Legislature.  The bill was substantially changed in the final hours of the 2022 legislative session with no public input and in a way that could bankrupt the Utah High School Athletic Association and will result in millions of dollars in legal fees.  "The law ... singles out transgender girls in order to exclude them from girls' sports. It bars every transgender girl from competing on a girls' team regardless of her medical care or individual circumstances," the ACLU said in their statement.

  • HB 182: Local Health Department Order Amendments. (2022) Voted Yes. Prohibits city mayors from exercising emergency powers in response to a pandemic or an epidemic. Centralizes decision making powers in favor of the Legislative Branch and removes local control in the decision making process. Passed.

  • HB 193: Full-Day Kindergarten. (2022) Voted No. Provides for a limited expansion of optional full-day kindergarten. Passed

  • HB 274: Health Education Amendments(2022)  Voted No. Would have required the Utah State Board of Education to establish curriculum requirements that include instruction in sexual assault resource strategies and sexual violence behavior prevention. Did not pass.

  • HB 428: School Safety Amendments. (2022) Voted No. Requires school districts to adopt plans for harassment- and discrimination-free learning; requires the Utah State Board of Education to provide training on antidiscrimination statutes; and requires USBE and school districts to report data on the demographics of victims of bullying, hazing, cyber-bullying, and retaliation. The bill passed 19-10 in the Senate and 65-9-1 in the House.

  • SB 115: Firearm Preemption Amendments(2022)  Voted Yes. Declares the Utah state legislature is the sole governing body that can regulate firearms and ammunition unless it explicitly states otherwise and removes local control in the decision making process. Passed.

  • SB 133: Food Security Amendments. (2022)   Voted No. Created the Food Security Council at Utah State University to coordinate state efforts in addressing food security. Bill passed 74-1 in the House and 24-2-3 in the Senate.
  • SB 185: Children's Health Coverage Amendments. (2022) Voted No. Would have expanded Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program to include all Utah children. Did not pass.

  • SB 238: Homeless Services Modifications. (2022) Voted No. The Homeless Service bill appropriates federal money from the American Rescue Plan for affordable housing projects for many low-income residents. The bill passed 63-7-5 in the House and would go on to pass 25-1-3 in the Senate’s final motion. McCay was the only senator to vote “Nay.”

  • HB 60: Concealed Carry Firearms Amendments. (2021) Voted Yes. Removed the permit requirement for concealed carry firearm. Passed.

  • HB 229: Extreme Risk Protective Order. (2020) Voted No. Would have enabled a family member or law enforcement to ask a court to restrain a person from possessing any firearms or ammunition for a specified length of time. Did not pass.

  • HB 259: Electric Vehicle Charging Network. (2020) Voted No. The Bill directs the Dept. of Transportation to create a statewide electric vehicle charging network plan.  Passed.

  • HB 364: Abortion Revisions. (2020) Voted Yes. Requires a pregnant person to receive a medically unnecessary ultrasound 3+ days before having an abortion. Did not pass.

  • SB 48: State Flag Amendments. (2019) Voted Yes. Bill Sponsor. Sen. Daniel McCay, R-Riverton, joked that, no, he didn't have anything better to do. Passed.

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